How does it works ?

This Article will explain you every function of our website

Step 1 : create an account


Look at the upper right corner of your screen and you will find the "LOGIN ACCOUNT" as shown on the picture above. 

Click on the button and you will access to another page where you can both create an account, or just login if you already have one.


the next picture is a screenshot of the login page :


Step 2 : Watch and buy the available courses


Either one the so called "Home Page" or on the page "courses" as shown in the next picture: 


Once you click on the course, ya access to all the informations about the course: teachers and their backgrounds, scientifique program, hotel, extra events, price...

You are then able to register and pay for the course you choose on the same page

after the payment is done you will automatically receive a confirmation email with all the informations you need.

The system accepts most of the credit cards, for any question regarding the payment, feel free to contact us.


This is a screen shot of the booking module on every course's page :

Step 4 : Access to the course's technical videos


The good news is: you can access to all the videos from all the courses you attended, wherever you are, as soon as you have a computer, login into your IPSAC account and you will find them all !


How to find my videos ?


Well, the first thing you have to know, is that the courses videos are available on the course page, but only when the course is over, pedagogic videos are no splittable from the course, they are an entity, for the best pedagogy, this is why we will never sell the videos without the courses.


Then, if you click on the arrow next to your name, as in the following picture, you will access to a small menu with the buttons "My courses" where you can see your past and next courses and the button "View my profile" where you can modify you informations.


After clicking on the button "My courses" you land on your special page where you can see your upcoming trainings (click on it to access to all the information about the course) and your past courses that contains the course videos and documents to download once again the videos and document are available only once the course is over.