Dr A. Bonnefon

Since 1976 he was trained by the world's greatest specialists in face-lifting (P.Peterson, Bruce Comel, Fritz Barton, Papillon, S.Hamza ...) in which he went twice a year for 20 years

Since 1980 all his numerous publications were on the subject of the "face-lifting".

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  • Plastic surgery – 1992 MONTPELLIER
  • Surgical resident – 1972/73 WASHINGTON DC 


Facelift pioneer with SMAS surgery since 1976


  • Member of the SOFCPRE
  • Member of the SOFCEP
  • Member if the ISAPS
  • Approximately 10 publications in the annals of plastic surgery

Face Surgery

Facial and cervical temporal lifting with blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty.The improvement of the techniques now makes it possible to obtain a natural result with surgery that has become less invasive and with more comfortable operative follow-ups. It is advisable to operate earlier to prevent and be in perfect harmony with oneself throughout his life.

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