Dr J.F. Pascal

Dr. Jean-Francois PASCAL is specialized in figure surgery and especially for the restorative surgeries after significant weight losses. Thus, he practices daily interventions such as body lifting, thighs lifting, arm lifting, abdominoplasty ...

However, he has for the last few years also focused on "purely aesthetic" cases of figure surgery. He invented and developed new surgical techniques for a complete body remodeling with tightening of the buttocks while at the same time optimizing the surgical follow-ons for the patient’s well being.

His work has been rewarded several times and he received an award from the American Society of Plastic Surgery in 2017.

His private practice is located at 13 Quai Général Sarrail and his operations take place at the clinic of the Parc de Lyon.

He also regularly consults at the Geneva clinic in Switzerland.

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  • PhD thesis in medicine: LYON 1989 « The lifting of the internal thigh face »
  • A.E.U of micro-surgical techniques - LYON 1986
  • C.E.S of stromatology - LYON 1988
  • C.E.S of general surgery - LYON 1992
  • Examination of the school of reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetics - PARIS 1991


  • Intern at CHU in SAINT ETIENNE – 1984 to 1989 oriented towards general surgery and plastic surgery
  • Clinic assistant and chief – May 1990 to October 1992. Plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery – CLERMONT FERRAND. Professor PERI. 
  • BRASIL, Rio 1992 – one semester of training, Professor PITANGUY
  • CANADA, Montréal 1992 – training with professor MOUFFAREGE and BOSSE
  • US, New-York 1992 – training with Dr. ASTON at the “eyes ear and throat hospital”


  • Active member of the S.F.C.P.R.E (Société Francaise Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructrice Esthétique)
  • Member of the S.O.F.C.E.P (Société Francaise Chirurgie Esthétique Plastique) since 1998
  • Member of the S.N.C.P.R.E (Syndicat National Chirurgie Plastique Reconstructrice Esthétique) from 1997 to 2003
  • Member of the C.N.C.P.R.E (College National de Chirurgie Plastique,  Reconstructrice et Esthétique)
  • Member of the E.A.S.A.P.S (Association Européenne des Sociétés Chirurgies Esthétiques et Plastiques)
  • Member of the I.S.A.P.S (International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery) since 2003
  • Active member and professor at the A.S.A.P.S (American Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery) since 2005

Body Contouring

The term body lift means that excess skin is removed all around the body. This procedure allows the buttocks to go up as well as the outside of the thighs, but also the belly, the pubis and the front of the thighs. In the end we end up with a circular scar at the belt level very easy to hide with a thong or panties.

Others specialities
Buttock Surgery

Buttock lift

The buttock lift allows the treatment of flabby, dropping or deformed buttocks. The scar is located at the bottom of the back hidden by the panties and allows a real rejuvenation of the buttocks.

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